jQuery Plugin template

It had to happen, when someone is involve in a big company, taking a break it becomes complicated; so you leave the blog. I hope that it never happens to you. It’s a shit..

Anyways… This time I don’t come to talk you about horror stories of the evil hell or something like that. Over the last month I have been working a lot with jQuery and it weirds things -I’d say more than normal-, so I found interesting to share with you the next template which I use for my own jQuery plugins. It’s nothing to shout about, but if you are looking for some fast food this could be perfect.

Plugin creation

We can refer to jQuery documentation in order to know more about jQuery plugins. But if you already know about it, please feel free to give me a suggestion for this template.

Since jQueryUI has the jQuery.widget function, this would be irrelevant if your intention is use directly jQueryUI.

OK stop! Right away, here is:


Thank you Yorch for editing my english grammar =V